Des Moines' Best Fundraising Book
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Fundraising FAQ's
Des Moines’ Best Fundraising Book makes a great holiday gift!

How much money will my group make selling books?
We recommend selling the book for $25 of which you get to keep $12.50. Sell 100 books and make $1250!
If your group commits to doing the fundraiser by Sept. 15, your group keeps $15.00 from each book.  The fundraiser can be done anytime during the year.

Are there any initial costs or investments?
We will provide the books on consignment and you only need to pay for the ones you sell. Simply return the rest. You get to keep your share immediately!

How do I sign up my group?
We have a simple form to fill out which you can download here, call us at 515.226.9893 or stop by the Chocolate Storybook at 1000 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.

What if I sell all of my books and need more?
That is exactly what we want you to do! Call or stop by the Chocolate Storybook to pick up more books.

When do the coupons expire?
Most of the coupons expire October 31, 2016.

Is the Des Moines Best Fundraising Book locally-owned?
It certainly is - by Steve and Meg Shearer, owners of the Chocolate Storybook located in West Des Moines.
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